Saturday, May 24, 2014

Thing 13- Presentations

Although I don't really have much use for a presentation app on my phone, I have downloaded the Deck Slide show app.  It works really well and I can see that it would be useful if I had a need to create/tweek/collaborate on a presentation, but I have no real use for this.  I think that I will end up taking it off of my phone when we are done with the 23 Mobile Things.  I might use it for family photos or to put something up on Facebook. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thing 12 Books, Books, and More Books!

I have made it clear that I am addicted to listening to audio books, so I happily did some research on which free audio books app is the best.  While the 23MT people suggest Audio books but it only has a library of about 2,000 classics.  While this is awesome, it is not a genre that I tend to navigate towards, so I looked further.  I decided to download LibriVox.  It has a much larger library (including classics) and is also free.  I am interested in trying out this new app and see how it works with the other apps I downloaded so I could listen to books as well.  With all of these apps for audio books I could probably listen to free books for the rest of my life!  Yahoo!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Thing 11- Libraries & Reference

I already have the DCL mobile app (powered by Boopsie, I just like saying that- Boopsie) on my phone which I use whenever I am out and I remember something that I need/want to request.  I also use the MORE library system (Wisconsin Public Library System) because I live in WI.  I use the Overdrive Media app through Hudson more than any other library app because they have an awesome selection of E audio books.  Way better than One Click Digital (which is the only E audio book option that DCL offers).  I have also downloaded the Zinio app and like it, but don't use it all that often.  If I have free time on my phone, I am usually managing my Overdrive account and updating holds and wish lists.  They only allow 10 holds at a time so I have to be vigilant in my selection and management.  I will download the ELM app to see what that is all about.  Anything that will give me more/better access to the library is a good thing. 

10 Things!!!

I hit the 10 things badge!  Just a little more and I'll be halfway done!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thing 10 Sharing Photos

I truely think that thing 9 and thing 10 should be combined.  Most of the apps for taking pictures also share them through not only their own platform but also through many others like Facebook, Instagram, email, messaging, the list goes on.  I already have Instagram on my phone so I will stick with that one rather than download another thing onto my phone.  I like it for the reason that I am already familiar with it, but because of think 9, I like Line Camera better.  You can take photos through the app, share them, follow others, have them follow you. ( I wish that FB would come out with their own version of Line Camera so that you could just have the one app with different features on your phone rather than all of the different apps.)  I will take some pics and share them with some friends and post them on here.  Here is one taken through Instagram of the Inver Glen Library!  It's our beautiful ceiling!

Thing 9 taking and editing photos

I downloaded the app Line Camera for this thing.  I already have Instagram and have used that many times.  I do think these apps create a sort of instant facelift and makeover when used correctly.  Many of the personal pics that I have posted on FB have been taken with one of the new apps.  They have fun borders, interesting colorations, and even some stamps and things to add to your picture.  I like Line Camera better than Instagram because it offers more features.  I think that I will definitely keep the app on my phone.  Here are a couple of cool effects that I did with Line Camera:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thing 8 Social Media Management

Let's face it, I am already doing this on my phone.  Like all other 30somethings I am connected to all of my friends and family through Facebook and Twitter (although I rarely use this one) and LinkedIn.  I share ideas, see what people are reading/doing/eating/thinking, and consequently know waaaaaaaaay too much about some people.  Facebook is my favorite, though I can see the appeal of them all.  I will definitely keep using these tools throughout the 23 things and beyond.